Designer Antonino Sciortino

Designer with an eclectic soul

Some people just have art running through their veins. This is also the case of Antonino Sciortino. The former dancer / choreographer not only has an unbridled imagination, but has also mastered the art of simplicity and style.

In a courtyard of a former industrial area of Milan the laboratory of Antonino Sciortino can be found, an artisan-artist with an eclectic soul who has been able to reinterpret an old craft in a completely new way and make it art, a play, pure creativity.

Antonino was born in Palermo. When he was only eight years old, he began forging iron in his father’s studio. Sciortino‘s creations arise from the unusual combination with the use of “cooked” wire, a particular type of iron, more malleable and which from time to time resembles wood or plastic and which allows the creation of soft lines, spatial animation.

The tables and iron bowls he designed for Serax emanate the sensation of sculptures and, through their artistic touches (painted with brushes and polished), it retains the soul that Antonino intended to give them. They will fit perfectly into countless interiors thanks to their pure shapes and “vintage” look and finish.

Iron Creations, Objects, Furniture and Sculptures