Modern lighting design with respect for the classics

Hollands Licht presents a modern collection of interior lighting by several talented Dutch designers.

On the one hand, the collection consists of classics by renowned designers, whose names have long been known to the public. On the other hand, they are inspired by emerging talents with their innovative views on light, materials and use.
Therefore, the focus is not only on the lamp as an object, but also on its applicability in a room or interior.

The play of light and shadow

“I don’t paint cows, I paint light,” a Dutch painter once said. The interplay of light and shadow, of sky and landscape has been a source of inspiration for artists and designers over the centuries.
The use of light and its effect play an important role in Hollands Licht’s collection. The subdued colour palette is a tribute to Dutch painting from the Golden Age.
The current modern lighting programme is of high quality and applicable in both living and working spaces.