Pols Potten

The history of the Pols Potten brand stems from creativity and craftsmanship.

Pols Potten, born in 1986 in Amsterdam, began as a small Mediterranean trade in terracotta. It soon grew into a large international company based in the heart of Amsterdam.

Consistently imaginative.
Pols potten studio designs to add play to spaces for living, working and experiencing. But they go further than that. Among other things, with a people-centred approach. They push boundaries where playful design enriches your life.
The objects designed by Pols pots are a source of fun and therefore a healthy addition to the lives of those who use them.

Your personal style

Great attention is paid to the small details during the design and production process. Moreover, due to the constant search for new designers, Pols Potten offers unique and distinctive products where great value is placed on fair and sustainable trade.

Pols potten’s idea is that they like to offer that one specific design piece that allows you to add an accent that enhances the identity of your entire environment.
Their collection speaks volumes about individualism; in the end, it’s all about your personal style.

Pols potten Oily stools and vases