On the table & In the kitchen

Designer crockery, cutlery and glasses

Surround yourself every day with a feeling of luxury and beauty with a well-set table, a stylish coffee or a good glass of wine with the added bonus of a special glass.
Discover our special collection of crockery, cutlery and glasses. Choose your design and set your personal style.

  • Bowls & Serving plates

    Bowls & Serving plates (25)

    Bowls & serving plates; Discover our extensive collection of timeless and durable tableware and accessories. Serve dinner, dessert and more on our high-quality and stylish serving dishes, a great addition to any dining table. Create your own style and choose your favorite design tableware.
  • Cutlery

    Cutlery (29)

    Cutlery design collection; choose your favorite design cutlery and increase the pleasure of being at the table with family and friends. Our special collection of tasteful and contemporary design cutlery helps you to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.
  • Cutting boards & Serving trays

    Cutting boards & Serving trays (20)

    Cutting boards & Trays; Discover our original collection of chopping boards and designer trays. A stylish cutting board is not only a beautiful accessory in your kitchen, but can also be used to present your aperitif in a great way to your guests. And the drinks, serve them in style on a designer tray! Create your own look and choose your…
  • Glassware & Carafes (13)

    Glassware & Carafes; From Champagne glasses to tumblers, carafes to wine glasses, our luxury collection covers a glass for every occasion. With your personal designer glassware, you create the perfect dining experience together with your favorite guests. Create your own special style and choose beautiful drinking glasses.
  • Plates & Cups

    Plates & Cups (41)

    Plates and cups; Create a personal table setting with a range of luxurious plates and cups. Whether you like a richly decorated plate, or a contemporary style with a calm appearance, you can find it all in our Designer plates and cups collection. Create a special atmosphere with your own personal style.
  • Pots & Pans

    Pots & Pans (26)

    Pots and pans Discover our design collection of cookware. Whether you go for the heavy but elegant cast iron series by master chef Sergio Herman or the more refined Base series by designer Piet Boon. Most importantly, quality and style are guaranteed. Are you a cooking enthusiast, make your creations even tastier with our professional pans. And choose the design…