Viva Magenta

Color of the Year 2023 by Pantone

Colour of the year Viva Magenta injects excitement and drama into home interiors, energising any environment with its dynamic vibrancy.
Infused with zest and vigour, a nuanced crimson that encourages self-expression.


Viva Magenta
in home furnishing and interior design by
PANTONE 18-1750

Viva Magenta is suitable for a range of different materials, textures and surfaces. Evoking the spirit of nature, a crimson that does not boldly dominate but instead creates an alluring presence, whether introduced through a painted wall, art, accent furniture or home décor, or as a bold accent in a pattern.

Colour Wild Wonder by Flexa

The Flexa colour for 2023 is Wild Wonder, a positive shade with a full glow inspired by nature. Use this colour and the four complementary palettes to bring the magic of nature into your home.

Wild Wonder

Color of the Year 2023 by Flexa

This year, with nature at the top of the global agenda, Flexa reflected on the different ways nature supports and inspires us. This led to a theme for the Flexa Colour of the Year 2023. In the phrase ‘the wonders of nature’, as well as in the name of the colour itself, lies the transformative power of nature itself. Wild Wonder is a warm natural hue that offers a connection to nature and allows you to bring the magic of nature into your home.

Colour Vining Ivy by Histor

Vining Ivy

Color of the Year 2023 by Histor

Histor’s colour of the year 2023 Vining Ivy is green, blue, teal, blue-green and every other possible combination of both colours.

This serene shade is a trendy addition to existing palettes or an elegant colour accent for a more traditional vibe. Vining Ivy blends powerful blue with sophisticated green for a deep gem colour. Blue brings tranquillity, while the emerald green tone creates a sense of balance.