Olive Sprig

Color of the Year 2022 by Histor

Olive Sprig by Histor is a grey-green that represents growth and the resilience of nature. It is a relaxing and seductive colour that brightens up a room and creates an organic vibrancy.

After all the restrictions, we need this positivity more than ever, and it shows in today’s interior design trends.


Olive Sprig, an elegant, practical and versatile colour

That’s why Histor presents this elegant, practical and versatile Colour of the Year: Olive Sprig (PPG1125-4). It forms the basis for atmospheric and personal colour combinations.

From daring to soothing and from dynamic to subdued.

Colour Very Peri by Pantone

PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri has a futuristic feel and takes on different hues through its application to different materials, finishes and textures. From shimmering metallics, glossy sheens and high-tech materials to handcrafted looks and natural fibres.

Very Peri

Color of the Year 2022 by Pantone

PANTONE presents color 17-3938 Very Peri, a warm and friendly shade of blue with a joyful attitude, encourages uninhibited expression and experimentation. This fresh blue tone has a dynamic presence and a capriciousness that lends itself to unpredictable colour harmonies and spontaneous colour statements.

Colour Bright Skies by Flexa

Bright Skies

Color of the Year 2022 by Flexa

Flexa colour experts have chosen Bright Skies as the colour of the year 2022.

An airy, light blue shade. Fresh, open and good for the spirit. It reflects the boundless air around us, brings a touch of nature inside and brings any living space to life. It is also a colour that goes well with many other colours: from soft neutrals to cheerful brightness.