MObili (furniture) OGGetti (objects)

MOGG srl is a relatively new furniture company, which opened its doors at the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2012. Based in the northern Italian village of Giussano, they produce high-quality home accessories, lighting and furniture.
MObili (furniture) OGGetti (objects)

The company has a soul and a well-defined identity, fresh and curious. It wants to surprise you and itself, looking for people who love the new and modern concept of life with their visions (madmen and dreamers), with their enthusiasm, their work and their perception.

The products in this collection range from a small padded footstool to large metal tables, with a very modern look as the common denominator. Thanks to its ability to absorb the ideas, requirements and tastes of different customers with a marked sense of irony and research.

The result is a product that can satisfy taste, needs and budget, and where the exclusivity is not in the price but in the originality.

Aesthetic emotion & Functionality

MOGG is synonymous with home accessories and objects with a recognisable, clear and record-breaking design. Which combine aesthetic emotion and functionality.

For Design Lovers

For design lovers who are conscious of purchasing a unique product. Unique not only because it is a limited edition, but because it is different from all other products already on the market.