Passion for design, quality and attention to detail

knIndustrie is a brand first presented at Corso Como 10 in Milan in January 2011.
Passion for design, quality and attention to detail combined with high-end technology.
The great industrial capacity is put at the service of creativity to give birth to a rich collection of innovative features, sophisticated, in line with the most important traditions of “Made in Italy”.
A new project as a natural evolution of a long tradition.


The idea behind knIndustrie’s products is immediate: to simplify the user experience of cooking utensils and the presentation of food at the table.
A dream born of direct experience, observation and dialogue with renowned chefs, professionals and ordinary people.
High technology, traditional and international food culture with attention to the environment are the directions along which the collection moves.
A rich collection of high-quality tools: a beautiful game that redefines and enhances, without changing the characteristics of each object.
Versatile and flexible use products made with carefully selected raw materials, with an eco-friendly philosophy and a commitment to getting technology more efficient.


Objects that perform their tasks in a professional manner when preparing food, but after removing the handle become elegant serving pieces when they appear on the table.
Non-stick pots and pans that take the form of sophisticated serving dishes, or a beautiful bowl.
Less space required and more functionality, but above all professionalism in the kitchen and elegance on the table.
Each KN’s object tells a story extremely sophisticated and full of charm.