Some Unique Ways to Incorporate a Designer Vase into Home Décor

Using flower vases to decorate your home is always a classic choice! It’s been popular for a long time, and if you love this idea too, you can explore the collection of The Designer Lover. There is a vase out there to fit your taste, whether you like modern or classic design.

But figuring out how to style your home with the perfect designer vase might seem tricky, right? Don’t worry! Here are some useful ideas to give your home a fantastic makeover!

Using Mirror:

Make your entryway or console table look nicer by using the vase as a bookend. Put a mirror behind it to make it look even better and serve a useful purpose. The mirror will reflect the design of the vase, making your space seem bigger and more interesting.Top of Form

Go Abstract: 

In the past, large flower vases were mainly for holding flowers and plants, but things have changed. Now, you can add style and sophistication to your home by using different fillers in your vase. This simple change can make your space look extraordinary and classier.

Here are some creative options for fillers for decorative vases:

  • Jelly Breads
  • Pebbles
  • Grains
  • Candles
  • Sand and seashells
  • Smileys and small balls
  • Nuts and bolts

Kitchen Counterpart:

Don’t just keep your fancy vase in the living room. Bring it into the kitchen and use it to hold things like utensils, cooking tools, or even fresh herbs. Its bright colors and special design will give your kitchen a unique touch and make it feel more like your own special cooking spot.

Decorate in Bathroom:

Use the vase to store wrapped towels, bath salts or potpourri to create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. You can prefer the colorful Kosta Boda vase that can bring a luxurious and relaxing vibe to your self-care routine.

Light it Up:

Turn your vase into a beautiful light decoration. You can use fairy lights, LED strips, or candles (if the vase can handle heat) to make a cozy atmosphere.  Experiment while moving the lights around to create cool shadows and show off the vase’s design.

You can never have enough flower vases! Feel free to get as many as you want and put them all around your house. So, start shopping for vases now and make sure to check out The Design Lover.

Vreeman Edwin

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